Creating a Vault3 Desktop Shortcut with Automator

Use Automator to create a desktop shortcut to launch Vault 3 on Mac OSX.

Step 1: Launch Automator. Create a new document with a type of "Application":

Choose Application document type in Automator

Step 2: Add a "Run Shell Script" action.

Add a Run Shell Script action

Step 3: Specify that this action uses the "/bin/bash" shell.

Specify the following commands:

cd "/Users/{your user name}/Applications/Vault3Cocoa_x86_64"
java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar "/Users/{your user name}/Applications/Vault3Cocoa_x86_64/vault_mac.jar" &

For example:

example shell script content

Step 4: Save your Automator document.

Save Automator document

Step 5: Drag the Automator document to the task bar on the bottom of the desktop. Now you can launch Vault 3 by clicking the Automator icon.

Launch Vault 3 from the Automator icon

Download Vault 3