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Old Windows 7 Tree Icons Never Die, They Just Fade Away
April 29, 2010

The following bug has been fixed in Vault 3 running on Windows 7. In previous versions of Vault 3, when input focus was on the outline, and the program was minimized for multiple minutes and then restored, the expand/contract icons on the outline were invisible. The icons would eventually become visible, after focus was moved away from the outline, and the mouse was moved over the outline.

This problem is fixed in version 0.32.

Windows 7 Tree Icons
Vault Outline with Visible Expand/Contract Icons

The fix was simply to remove focus from the outline when Vault 3 is restored:

getShell().addListener(SWT.Deiconify, new Listener() {
public void handleEvent(Event event) {
// Work-around for the following issue in Windows 7: When the app has focus on the tree, and is minimized for a few minutes,
// when it's restored the expand/contract graphics on the tree will be invisible and will remain invisible until focus goes 
// away from the tree and comes back.

Keywords: Windows 7, Tree, Icons, Fading, Input Focus, Vault 3

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