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.NET Programming Tip: How to Extract Multiple Items Using One Regular Expression
October 4, 2010

To extract multiple items from text using a single regular expression, create a regular expression with named patterns, for example, IPAddr, Day, etc. (see below). The Discard named pattern specifies items that are not used. Then use the Regex Match property to extract the item corresponding to the named pattern from the results:

String Pattern = @"(?[\S]+)(?[\s-\[]*)(?\d{1,2})(?/)(?[a-zA-Z]+)(?/)(?\d{2,4})(?:)(?\d{1,2})(?:)(?\d{1,2})(?:)(?\d{1,2})(?[\s]*)(?[\+\-]*\d{2})(?\d{2})(?([\]\s])*""(GET|HEAD)([\s])*)(?[\S]*)(?[^""]*""[\s]*)(?[0-9]*)(?[\s]*)(?([0-9])*)(?[^""]*"")(?[^""]*)(?[^""]*""[^""]*"")(?[^""]*)";
Regex RE = new Regex(Pattern, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.Compiled);
Regex RE = new Regex(Pattern, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.Compiled);
String Line = SR.ReadLine().Trim();
Match M = RE.Match(Line);

Item.IPAddress = M.Result("${IPAddr}");
int Day = Int32.Parse(M.Result("${Day}"));
Keywords: Regular Expression, Match Multiple Text Patterns, Regex

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