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Vault 3 for Android v. 1.15 Now Available
July 29, 2011

Version 1.15 of Vault 3 for Android is now available from the Google Market and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Recent updates:

  1. Fonts and colors can now be specified for outline item text
  2. The search user interface has been updated with a search hit counter
  3. The maximum number of search hits can be optionally specified. Restricting the maximum number of search hits can avoid sluggish performance on some devices when large number of search hits are found

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Reader Comments

WImHi Eric, I'm still using Vault 2.07 in mij Windows environment. Today I discovered Vault for Android. Of course I bought it. I wonder if there is a way to convert my existing VLT-files in VL3-files for the Android app. How's Wilma? Wim
 September 3, 2011
Response from Eric Bergman-TerrellWim: You can find instructions for converting Vault files to Vault 3 format here:

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