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Vault 3 Updates
August 16, 2012

The mobile version of Vault 3 has been accepted by the Barnes & Noble Nook store. It's available here.

The following updates have been made to the desktop version of Vault 3:

For the Java developers: Vault 3 previously used SWT image scaling which did not support multiple threads. It now uses imscalr to scale images for export. The image export code also uses the Java ImageIO class to load images.

On my 64-bit Windows machine, running the latest Oracle JVM (, uses an excessive amount of memory. It's not a memory leak per se, but during the image export process I can see the memory utilization go way up, until it hits a threshold, and then it never goes back down, even after GC has occurred.

Do any of you know of satisfactory alternatives to

Vault 3 now displays Internet resident photos

Keywords: Vault 3, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Photos, Mobile, ImageIO,, Java, imscalr, GC

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