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EBTCalc for Android
December 3, 2012

I just released my second Android app, EBTCalc for Android!

EBTCalc Main Screen

EBTCalc is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator that can have custom buttons. Custom buttons are programmed in Javascript with a convenient editor.

In addition to built-in and pre-programmed buttons, users can add an unlimited number of custom buttons in user-specified categories.

The Javascript methods that implement custom buttons are run asynchronously with a user-specified timeout value, so there's no risk of infinite loops causing lock-ups.

Custom buttons can prompt the user for values, using a standard Android dialog box.

EBTCalc has a logging facility useful for debugging more complex Javascript methods.

Enable the optional keyclick feature for improved numerical data entry accuracy.

Customize EBTCalc to your heart's content, using the popular industry-standard Javascript programming language!

EBTCalc Web Site

EBTCalc Paid Version on Google Play
EBTCalc Free Version on Google Play

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