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T-Mobile 5G21-12W-A High-Speed Internet Gateway Monitor
March 13, 2021

I recently switched Internet providers to T-Mobile Home Internet. I'm very pleased with the T-Mobile service. With my old provider I was lucky to get 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. And the performance was extremely variable. Uploads were often less than 1 Mbps.

Now that I'm using the T-Mobile Home Internet service, despite living miles from a small SW Colorado town, I typically get over 100 Mbps down and over 10 Mbps up (see Ookla Speed Test Result, below). I had the good fortune to sign up right before a rate increase. I'm paying $50/month. New subscribers now pay $60/month.

Ookla Speed Test Results

The T-Mobile Device is a modem with built-in wifi router. I installed the device behind my router (a NetGear XR500), so that I can continue to take advantage of that router's features.

The T-Mobile device has an admin web app which you can find by browsing to

Gateway Admin Web App

The same API used by the web app can be callable by custom apps. I wrote a Python app called TrashCanMonitor that uses that API to log the values and statistics that are interesting to me. The log is a .CSV file, so the data can be easily imported into a spreadsheet:

Gateway Admin Web App

You can get the TrashCanMonitor source code at GitHub. Enjoy!

Gateway Admin Web App

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