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EBT Music Player Added To Website, Source Code in GitHub
March 15, 2021

I've added my EBT Music Player to my website. Use EBT Music Player if you're an Android user with an offline music collection.

After I ripped my extensive CD collection, I tried quite a few Android offline music player apps. I was surprised and disappointed to not find any apps that actually completely worked. Almost all didn't scale to my collection (~1,700 CDs, many of which are multi-volume sets). Some would churn for hours trying to load my collection. Most wouldn't finish. The ones that did finish were either missing albums or tracks, had duplicated content, or didn't sort the albums and tracks in the proper order. Another problem: many of the apps would spontaneously stop in the middle of playing an album or playlist. Unacceptable!

For those reasons I developed my own offline music player. EBT Music Player can handle huge offline music collections, and will not stop in the middle of playback.

Despite the fact that it's the only app I know that can scale to thousands of ripped CDs, it never achieved significant popularity. By the time I released it 4 years ago, Google had stopped promoting new apps in Google Play. The app started on the bottom of the Google Play rankings, and never crawled up. A few users have found it and installed it. I honestly don't know how they did that. The only way I can find it is to search for the exact name, in double quotes. If one searches for "music player" or "MP3 player" in Google Play, and then keeps paging down, it never shows up.

As an independent software developer, I will think long and hard before writing another Android app, if there are already several similar apps in the Google Play store.

If you have a large offline music library, and use Android, give EBT Music Player a try. It will load your music in a few minutes or less (one time). And it won't stop playing in the middle, even when playing Wagnerian operas!

If you're an Android developer, EBT Music Player has a GitHub repo. It's open source with a GPL 3 license.

EBT Music Player

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