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Vault 3 Version 0.21 Released
November 6, 2009

Vault v. 0.21

Vault 3 version 0.21 is now available. In this version, if you specify an external photo editing program, you can edit a photo by selecting File / Edit Photo File when a photo is displayed.

Configure Photo Editing Program

On Windows machines I use to edit photos. On Ubuntu I use GIMP.

Details for Java Developers

I tried to use the SWT Program class to launch the external photo editing program. I never got it to work. Apparently the SWT Program class is intended to launch programs based on file associations, rather than launching a program with a specific file path, with a file path argument. Fortunately the Java ProcessBuilder class was able to launch a given program with a file path argument:

public void editPictureFile(Shell shell) {
if (canEditPictureFile()) {
String selectedItemPhotoPath = PhotoUtils.getPhotoPath(selectedItemPhotoPath());

 ProcessBuilder processBuilder = new ProcessBuilder(Globals.getPreferenceStore().getString(PreferenceKeys.PhotoEditingProgramPath), selectedItemPhotoPath);

 try {
} catch (IOException e1) {
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