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The Global Busy Signal Alliance
November 30, 2009

For the last decade or more I've heard users and tech journalists yearn for a "global in-box" that would store all a user's email from multiple accounts, all voice mails, and all text messages and instant messages.

I agree, a global in-box would be very convenient. But there is something I want more. When I'm talking on one of my 5 telephony services (Comcast Digital Voice, Vonage, T-Mobile cell phone, Skype Out, Skype) could I please have all the other lines broadcast a busy signal to callers? It's distracting to have N-1 phones ringing when I'm talking on the phone.

Let's form a telephony industry consortium. The Global Busy Signal Alliance. What do you think?

Well that's it for today, three of my phones are ringing. Gotta go!

Keywords: Telephony, Busy Signal, text messages, IMs, Vonage, T-Mobile, Skype, IMs

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