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May 19, 2024EBTCalc (Android) Version 1.53 is now available
October 24, 2023Vault 3 Security Enhancements
September 18, 2023Vault 3 is now available for Apple OSX M2 Mac Computers!
March 26, 2023Vault (for Desktop) Version 0.77 Released
October 12, 2021EBTCalc (Android) Version 1.44 is now available
October 6, 2021Vault (Desktop) Version 0.72 Released
June 2, 2021EBT Compass is Now Available for Android Devices
April 3, 2021Convert a Windows 10 Notebook into a High-Capacity Photo Frame
March 15, 2021EBT Music Player Added To Website, Source Code in GitHub
March 13, 2021T-Mobile 5G21-12W-A High-Speed Internet Gateway Monitor
March 3, 2021Vault 3 Source Code in GitHub
February 27, 2021Vault 3 (Desktop) Version 0.70 Released
February 17, 2021Vault 3 (Desktop) Version 0.68 Released
February 14, 2021Python Programming Tip: Generate Hash for a File
February 6, 2021Python Programming Tip: Implement Retries with Ease
February 6, 2021Python Programming Tip: Map Windows Volume Label to Corresponding Drive Letter
February 6, 2021Python Programming Tip: Prevent Sleep when Running on Windows
October 25, 2019EBTCalc Users: A Desktop Version is Now Available!
August 15, 2019Python Script to Audit MediaMonkey Transcoding
October 5, 2018How to decompile Java code with JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA (2018.2.3, Windows 10)