EBT Music Manager Version History


Updated dependencies.


If user checks the "Limit Synced Content Size" checkbox, the user will be prompted to delete all content in the target folder.


Users can now display the log file contents in the app's UI.

Users can now copy cell values to all rows, when the "Tracks" radio button is selected.


Minor logging tweaks.


Playlists that do not refer to any valid audio files are now displayed so that they can be deleted.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, stats displayed during sync were sometimes inaccurate.

Up-versioned dependencies.


When run on the Windows platform, it's much less likely that Windows will automatically shut down the app during a lengthy sync.

Be sure you have enabled PowerShell scripts on your machine.


User can now specify a maximum size of synced content. In this case, playlists and the files they reference are synced until hitting the maximum size.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, if one just changed the album metadata field in tracks referenced by playlists, and made no changes to the playlists, the target playlists would refer to non-existent tracks.


Added new audit: Verify that order of playlist entries matches order of audio file tracks.

Updated dependency versions.

1.0.17 - 1.0.20

Updated dependency versions.


ES2022 Tweaks.


If the user specifies that .mp3 files should be converted to .mp3 files, just copy the files.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, cancelling and restarting a sync would re-sync all files (rather than just sync the files that had not been previously synced).


In previous versions, .mp3 files were always copied to the target folder, and .flac files were always converted to .mp3 format and copied to the target folder. Now, users can specify exactly how to process audio files.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, cancelling lengthy processing sometimes did not work.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, when windows were maximized, those windows were not correctly sized and positioned when the app was re-launched.


Updated Dependencies.

Updated README.md to differentiate between user install and developer quick start.


Updated dependencies to latest versions.


A Linux version is now available!


Bug Fix: A scan is performed implicitly when the user clicks the "Sync" button. In previous versions, if the sync found new content, the UI was not properly updated with the new content.

Bug Fix: In previous versions users could enter characters such as ":" or "/", which are not legal for filenames, in the playlist Name field of the grid. This is no longer permitted.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, metadata was not properly saved after clicking the "Sync" button.


Added audits to log. Log is named "ebt-music-manager.txt" and is written to target folder when sync completes. Audits appear at the end of the log.


Added sequence column to grids containing tracks.


Added playback facility. Users can now remove references to a track in playlists, without removing the track.


Bug Fix: in previous versions, playlists created with '/' characters were not handled correctly.


Bug Fix: in previous versions, filtering by File Path did not work correctly. The About dialog now allows the user to check for updates.


Added filtering of playlists, albums, and tracks.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, if user entered invalid filename characters in playlist dialog, app would attempt to create playlist with a filename containing invalid characters. Invalid characters are now converted to '#'.


User can now delete selected tracks. Updated dependencies.


There is now a separate count of items for playlists/albums and tracks.


Initial Version.

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