EBTCalc (Desktop) Version History


Updated dependencies, fixed vulnerabilities in dependencies.


Updated dependencies.

Bug Fix: Log dialog was not modal in previous versions.


Minor bug fixes (some dialogs that should have been modal were not).


Bug Fix: In previous versions the Cancel button was not always properly enabled/disabled.

HTML tweaks. Updated dependencies.


Updated dependencies.


Bug Fix: In the Edit window, the "Go To Line" button is working properly again.

Bug Fix: In the Edit window, the syntax error description is now properly displayed again.

Cosmetic updates. Updated dependencies.


Updated dependency versions. App start-up is much faster as a result.


Updated dependency versions.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, when windows were maximized and the app was closed, those windows were not properly positioned and sized when the app was re-launched.


Updated dependency versions.


Updated dependency versions.


Switched Javascript parser from esprima to espree. This allows users to use more recent Javascript features without syntax errors being reported. For instance, users can specify BigInt literals by just adding an "n" at the end of an integer literal:

const x = 235234234n;

Updated dependency versions.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, errors thrown from custom code were sometimes not properly displayed.


Updated to Electron v. 15.1.0. Updated all dependencies.


Updated to Electron v. 15.0.0.


Updated to Electron v. 14.0.1.


Updated to Electron v. 13.3.0.


Updated to Electron v. 12.1.0.


Updated to latest dependencies (except for Electron).


Suppressed "wavy-underline" spell check in edit code window. Added "Angles" pre-defined functions.


Updated dependencies. Flashing cursor is now visible in leftmost column of edit window now.


Updated dependencies. Dropped the OSX version as I no longer have a Mac to build it. If you're interested in building and testing an OSX version, please contact me.


Updated dependencies, including electron-packager.


Updated versions of dependency versions, except for electron-packager, which is still broken on the Windows platform.


Logging bugs fixed. EBTCalc now uses Electron v. 8.0.1.


User can now specify a FIX argument of 0 to round all values to integers. The mode (FLOAT or FIX) is now displayed.

Defaulted and res parameters are now properly rendered in custom button hover text:

function arguments (defaulted argument) function arguments (rest argument)


Bug Fix: In previous versions, in some cases, variables were not properly stored when the user clicked the "Store" button.


Added "Stack" category with "Roll ↑" and "Roll ↓" buttons.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, the wrong button was selected by default when the user was prompted to save changes to custom code, or when the user attempted to clear all variables. This bug only applied to the OSX version.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, suppression of repeated 0 digits to the right of the decimal point didn't work for decimal point characters other than '.'.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, user could to specify operator characters as decimal point or thousands separator.

Now using ipcRenderer.invoke instead of remote, where possible.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, boolean literals entered by user were improperly handled.

Now using serialize-javascript version 2.1.1 to avoid security issue with that component.


Bug Fix: In version 0.0.8 the "save changes" dialog in the edit window not not work correctly. The prompt to clear all variable values also did not work.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, the backspace key (←) did not function correctly.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, negative argument of square root was not properly handled.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, boolean literals entered by the user were not properly handled.

÷, ×, −, +, yx, %, and x2 buttons are now properly disabled when there are insufficient values on the stack.


Updated dependencies to latest versions.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, in some situations, a custom function throwing an error could result in a disabled UI until the app was restarted.

When the user right-clicks an item in the stack, the selected item is highlighted.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, when the app was launched, the user was not notified about an updated version (in some situations).

App automatically checks for updates every 7 days (if user has enabled update checks).

Bug Fix: In previous versions, clicking the Copy Selected Item context menu did not actually copy the selected item to the clipboard.

Now using native Javascript functions for hyperbolic trigonometric functions.

Unit tests now display coverage statistics.

Added unit tests for all predefined button functions.


By default, the app checks for updates on each launch. This is optional. To disable, click the Settings button.


There is no longer an automatic check for an updated version of the app.

String values are now displayed in the stack surrounded by ' characters.

Memory buttons (Store, Retrieve, Delete, Clear) are now properly enabled/disabled.


Added graphing.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, on OSX, keyboard shortcuts did not work.


App is now restricted to a single instance.

0.0.2 (BETA)

User can now check for a new version of the app automatically on every launch, or manually.

Bug Fix: Fixed minor cosmetic issues in License Terms and About dialog boxes.

0.0.1 (BETA)

Bug Fix: x→[…] button now functions correctly.

0.0.0 (BETA)

Initial Beta-test version.

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