Vault 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to Import Vault Files into Vault 3
  2. How to Convert The Photo Program Files to Vault 3 Format
  3. Out of Memory Conditions

    If you work with large Vault 3 files you may need to increase the default heap size. If you use the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE), use the -mx setting, which specifies the maximum Java heap size. Note, these settings are subject to change in future versions of the JRE.

    For example, I have one Vault 3 file that is about 25 MB. Sometimes it failed to load, with the following error message:

    Cannot open file. Java heap space

    I was able to fix this issue by making a small change to the shortcut that I use to launch Vault 3. I changed the shortcut from:

    javaw.exe -DConfigPath="%AppData%\Vault 3" -jar "%ProgramFiles%\Vault 3\vault_win.jar"


    javaw.exe -mx100m -DConfigPath="%AppData%\Vault 3" -jar "%ProgramFiles%\Vault 3\vault_win.jar"

    In other words, I added the "-mx100m" to specify a maximum heap space of 100 MB.

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