Vault 3 Installation

64-bit Windows

Step 1: Install Vault 3

  1. Download Vault 3 for 64-bit Windows.
  2. Unzip the file and run the "Vault 3 Setup.exe" program.

Step 2: Run Vault 3

Double-click the desktop shortcut to launch Vault 3, or run it from the Start menu.

Vault 3 listens to a TCP/IP socket in order to ensure that only one instance of the program runs. If you have Windows Firewall enabled you'll see the following warning message. Click Unblock.

Windows Security Alert

64-bit Linux GTK (e.g. Ubuntu, etc.)

Step 1: Install Vault 3

Note: in the instructions below, replace "{install folder}" with the path of the folder containing the Vault 3 app. Replace "{settings folder}" with a path to a folder in which Vault 3's configuration settings will be stored.

For example, on my Linux system I use the following paths:

{install folder}/home/eric/Apps/Vault3LinuxGTK64
{settings folder}/home/eric/Apps/Vault3Settings

  1. Download Vault 3 for 64-bit Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, etc.).
  2. Unzip the file to a hard disc folder.
  3. Right-click the Desktop.
  4. Select Create Launcher.
  5. Enter "Vault 3" in the Name text box.
  6. Enter the following in the Command text box: "{install folder}/custom-runtime/bin/java" -DConfigPath="{settings folder}" -jar "{install folder}/vault_linux_gtk.jar"
    Be sure to replace "{install folder}" and "{settings folder}" with the paths you created on your system.
  7. Click Close.
  8. You will need to specify that the "java" file in the "custom-runtime" folder is executable.
    In a command shell, "cd" to the install folder and execute the following commands:
    chmod +x custom-runtime/java

Step 2: Run Vault 3

Double-click the Vault 3 launcher.

Convert Your Existing Vault and/or The Photo Program Files to Vault 3 Format

Download Vault 3