Vault 3 Version History


Bug Fix: In previous versions, an incorrect warning message could be displayed in the Settings dialog.


Vault 3 now has a full-fledged setup program for Windows users.

Users are no longer required to install Java for Vault 3. Users can un-install Java if no other apps require it.

The "Send Email" feature was removed.

Users cannot see previously-entered passwords in the Password dialog box.

When doing a "Check for Updates", the platform name (Windows, Linux) is sent to the server.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, if the user loaded a document, and then attempted to load another document, if that load failed for any reason, the content for the first document remained visible, with a name of "Untitled".


Security Enhancements: Previous versions of Vault 3 encrypted password-protected documents with AES in ECB mode, with 128-bit keys. Vault 3 now uses AES in CBC mode, with 256-bit keys. Key generation has also been improved.


Vault 3 now uses the sqlite-jdbc library for all database operations. It previously used the sqlite4java library.

Vault 3 is now available for Apple Mac M2 computers!


Vault 3 now uses the latest Eclipse libraries (version 4.29).

NOTE: Vault 3 now requires a Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with a version of 17 or later.


Bug Fix: On Linux, previous versions would stop displaying images (photos) after the first photo was displayed.


Bug Fix: On Mac OSX and Linux, previous versions displayed hard-to-read text in the tree view, in "dark mode".

Vault 3 now uses the latest Eclipse libraries (version 4.23).

NOTE: Vault 3 now requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with a version of 11 or later.

You can download Oracle's JRE here.


Bug Fix: For Mac OSX, fixed "cannot load library: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sqlite4java-osx-x86_64 in java.library.path" error.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, the vertical slider position was not properly restored after being moved.


Minor updates.


Users can now rotate photos.


Additional fixes allowing Vault 3 to save and restore the maximized window state.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • In previous versions (0.67-0.69), the app's window would be drawn, hidden, and re-drawn, when the app was launched.
  • In previous versions, on Linux, the password prompt dialog did not include a title bar and could not be moved.


Bug Fix: If you maximize and exit the app, when you re-launch the app it will be fully maximized. In previous versions the app was almost, but not completely maximized.


Can now import files without file types.


Rebuilt with latest libraries.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, when the user selected File / Save As and specified an existing file, no warning was given.


Rebuilt with latest Eclipse libraries. Bug Fix: "Check for Updates..." now works again.


Bug Fix: in previous versions, when exporting photos to a device, the height or width of the exported images sometimes exceeded the specified device width or height.


Added the ability to automatically delete the current outline item when a photo file is deleted.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, when the user clicked Ctrl+O (Open File), and cancelled the dialog box, the Vault document was unnecessarily re-loaded.


Important bug fixes for Mac OS X versions:

  • The correct application name is displayed in the menu bar, rather than "SWT".
  • The main menu now renders properly on OS X 10.9.
  • Vault 3 no longer requires a Force Close during system shutdown.

Vault 3 now uses the latest Eclipse libraries (4.4.2). This change applies to all versions (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).


Code cleanup and minor performance enhancements.


Bug Fix: in previous versions, settings were sometimes discarded in Windows 8.1.


Possible bug fix: in previous versions, settings were sometimes discarded in Windows 8.1.


Now using the latest Eclipse libraries.


Now using the latest Eclipse libraries.


Users can now specify the Text background color (updated).


Users can now specify the Text background color.


Vault 3 now correctly searches non Western European languages in case-insensitive mode.


Vault 3 now allows the user to specify secure sockets layer (SSL) for email authentication.


Vault 3 now allows the SMTP port to be specified in the email configuration.


Vault 3 now has improved support for file synchronization programs such as SugarSync and DropBox. When a synchronization program updates the current Vault 3 document, you will now be prompted to load the new changes, or ignore them.


Vault 3 now supports photos loaded from the Internet.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, when an outline item was copied and pasted, the pasted item would always have an "Allow Scaling" setting of true.


Vault 3 now exports photos using multiple threads, resulting in a major speedup and higher exported image quality.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, if the user specified that the target folder be deleted when exporting photos, and that folder did not exist, the photo export would fail.


Vault 3 can now export to PDF files.


Bug Fix: When documents are opened, the first outline item is now always automatically selected.

Bug Fix: When the first outline item is automatically selected after opening a document, the text is now rendered in the outline item's font and color.

Bug Fix: All keyboard accelerators now work on Windows and Linux.

When importing from the file system, folders and files are now sorted alphabetically.


Bug Fix: Fixed printing issues in Mac OSX version.

The Mac OSX version now uses key chords are now more appropriate for Mac users. For instance, you can now use Command+C to copy, instead of Ctrl+C.


Performance improvements to document loading.

Bug Fix: busy cursor is now displayed during document load process.


Saved searches are now stored based on the document that was searched. For example, if you open a document named Contacts.vl3 and search for "Fred Jones", the "Fred Jones" search text will only be displayed when Contacts.vl3 is the current document.

Saved searches are now encrypted if the corresponding document is encrypted. Previously, saved searches were not encrypted. If this is a concern, edit the "Vault" file on all machines on which you run Vault 3, and remove the section starting with "SavedSearches=".


Improved font handling, especially when you run Vault 3 on different operating systems. Minor bug fixes. When you upgrade to this version, you will need to upgrade all copies of Vault 3 that you run.

A 32-bit Mac OS X version of Vault 3 is now available.


Users now have the option of specifying mixed-case passwords. Previous versions forced the passwords to be entirely uppercase. This change was made to be consistent with the Android version of Vault 3.


Updated on-line help to reflect the fact that the Android version of Vault 3 is now available.


Vault 3 now stores its documents in SQLite format. This change was made to enable Vault 3 documents to be used by the upcoming Android version of Vault 3. Note: If you run Vault 3 on multiple computers, all computers will need to be upgraded to version 0.39 when you upgrade to this version.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, selecting File / New did not clear search results.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, selecting Outline / Edit and attaching a photo file would not immediately display the photo.


The password prompt dialog now appears on top of all other windows.


Bug Fix: Email did not always reflect the most recent changes to an item's text.


Vault 3 is now built with Eclipse 3.6. Converting to the latest version of SWT fixed the following bug: In previous versions, graphics for menu items and context menu items were inappropriately and unattractively scaled.


Vault 3 can now import video files. When a video file is imported, a file:/// url is inserted into the Vault 3 file. After importing, the video can be played using the default web browser.


Removed the 8 character maximum password restriction. Passwords must still be at least 4 characters long, but there is no longer any maximum password length.


Bug fix: in previous versions running on Windows 7, when Vault 3 was minimized with focus on the outline, and restored after a few minutes, the expand/contract graphics on the outline were invisible and did not re-appear when the mouse was moved over the outline.


Added a Getting Started on-line help topic and Help menu item.

When printing, the selection mode or page range specified in the print dialog is now honored.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, carriage return characters that were not followed by newline characters were printed as empty rectangles.


Searches are now saved for later use.


Reduced the file load time and reduced the memory utilization, especially for large Vault 3 files.


Improvements to dialog resizing: dialog boxes now have a reasonable minimum size.


Bug fixes to printing.


Bug fixes to File / Import / Import Text Files and/or Photos from Disk Folder.


Improved printing of non-English text.


Bug Fix: In previous versions of Vault 3, if some obscure characters were inserted into the document and the document was saved, the document could not be subsequently opened. I recommend installing this update at your earliest convenience.


By default, Vault 3 now automatically checks for updates every seven days. You can enable or disable this feature in the Options / Settings dialog.


There is now a GUI for inserting web and file:/// URLs. Once a URL has been inserted, you can right-click it to browse to it in the default web browser (if it's a web link), or launch it using the default application (if it's a file:/// url).


Users can now edit photo files using an external image editing program.


You can now use Ctrl+Ins to copy text in the text window.

Added borders to fields in the Send Email dialog.

You can now submit feedback using the Help / Send Feedback menu.


Bug Fix: In previous versions the Add dialog box was, by default, undersized after adding the first outline item.

Bug Fix: In previous versions, tokens wider than the entire page were truncated when printing.

Importing multiple digital photographs is now much faster.

You can now specify that a given picture will not be resized.


Bug Fix: In previous versions, font changes were not immediately displayed in Linux.

The source code now includes .classpath files for 32 and 64-bit Linux.


Bug Fix: In previous versions File Open dialogs would quit when a non-existent file path was specified.

Bug Fix: In previous versions File Open dialogs did not handle file types in a case-insensitive manner. For example, on Linux, when importing Photo Files, photo files would only appear in the File Open dailog box if their types were .jpg (not .JPG).

The most recently used email subject line is no longer automatically loaded in the email dialog box.

Vault 3 is now built with Eclipse version 3.5.


If a file is specified as the first command-line argument, that file will be loaded when Vault 3 launches.


Bug Fix: In previous versions out of memory conditions were not always properly handled.


First released version of Vault 3

Beta 0.13

Added a File / Import / Import Vault 3 File. Use this menu item to import a file that you previously exported from Vault 3.

Beta 0.12

Bug Fix: Progress bar is now accurate when photos are exported to a device.

The status bar is now updated when photos are exported to a device.

Beta 0.11

Users can now copy and scale photos to a device such as a photo frame or flash drive (File / Export Photos to Device).

Bug Fix: File / Save As renamed original file to {filename}.bak.

Beta 0.10

Users can now exclude items from slideshows. Go to Options / Settings, and select the "Photos & Slideshows" tab.

Bug Fix: The Move Up and Move Down toolbar buttons were not updated after moving items.

Bug Fix: Go To Websites: https:// urls were not found.

Text boxes are now selected when they receive focus, like Windows text controls.

Bug Fix: Various on-line help fixes.

Beta 0.09

Settings dialog box, Photos tab: Added "Use Advanced Graphics" check box. Clear this checkbox if photos are rendered slowly and/or with low quality.

Increased the default maximum number of most-recently-used (MRU) files to 9. MRU files appear in the File menu.

Text boxes are now selected when they receive focus, like Windows text controls.

Bug Fix: Unicode file encodings were not properly determined when importing files.

Beta 0.08

Text files and/or photos can now be imported from a disk folder.

When importing photos, the file name (not full path) is now used as the default title.

Bug Fix - photos in some graphics formats were not visible to the recipent after being sent. Now photos in non-JPEG formats are converted to JPEG format prior to being sent.

Photos can optionally be reduced in size prior to being emailed as attachments.

Beta 0.07

Added a Photo menu and context menus for photos.

Updated Help / About dialog box with hyperlinks.

Bug Fix - Options / Settings changes did not affect the currently displayed photograph.

Beta 0.06

Removed the Text and Photo tabs. Text and photgraphs are now stored in the same window with a splitter between them so that they can be resized.

Beta 0.05

User name and password can now be specified when emailing.

Bug fix - Pressing the cancel button in the Print dialog did not cancel the print job.

Bug fix - document could not be opened when control characters were entered.

Beta 0.04

Vault data can now be emailed (File / Send Email).

Bug fix - text displayed with grey background when document first loaded.

Bug fix - Could not edit items created by Import Pictures.

Beta 0.03

Bug Fix: Outline items can now hold more than 64 KB of text (they can hold 64 GB)

Vault 3 now optionally prompts the user every time a password-protected document is opened.

New Search menu and toolbar items added: Next/Previous Search Item and Clear Search.

Performance enhancements for large Vault 3 documents: Outline / Select All and document loading are much faster.

Beta 0.02

Bug Fix: toolbar and menu icons now render correctly on Windows Vista.

Bug Fix: Most-recently-used documents in the File menu were incorrectly sorted.

Vault 3 now only runs as a single instance.

Beta 0.01

Bug Fix: Unindenting items caused their order to be reversed.

Bug Fix: On Vista, Vault 3 could not save changes to the Vault file, and could not save changes to dialog box configuration files.

There was no way to detach photos from Add Outline Item and Edit Outline Item dialog box.

There was no way to expand/collapse with keyboard in Move dialog box.

On-line help enhanced and corrected.

Bug Fix: Resource leak in Move dialog box.

Bug Fix: The Outline context menu was missing the Import Pictures menu item.

Bug Fix: The Edit / Paste menu was not enabled properly.

Bug Fix: Context menu items did not display status bar text, and did not bring up on-line help when F1 was pressed.

Beta 0.00Initial Beta Release
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