A Vault 3 document is displayed as an outline:


Navigating the Outline

Click on any item (for instance, "Deserts" in the above screenshot) to drill down to that item:


Drilling Down

Click the heading to go to the parent item. For instance, in the above graphic, clicking the "Deserts" heading will bring you back to the "Cookbook" section of the outline. Long-click the heading to go to the top of the outline.

Indenting Outline Items

Long-click an outline item, for example, "Checking Account" in the graphic below, and click Indent to indent the item.





Un-Indenting Outline Items

Long-click an outline item and click Unindent to unindent the item.

Moving Outline Items

To move an outline item, long-click the outline item and click "Move". Then navigate the outline to the place where you want the outline item to be moved. Long-click the outline item that you want the original item to be next to. Click "Move Item Here".

If you just want to move an outline item up or down, long-click the item and click "Move Up" or "Move Down".

Removing Outline Items

Long-click and item and click "Remove" to delete an outline item and all subordinate items.

Sorting Outline Items

To sort all the outline items currently displayed, in alphabetical order, select Sort on the Action Bar.


To search for items in the outline, Select Search on the Action Bar.

Enter the text to search for, and click "Search". Then click on any of the search hits to view the corresponding outline item.



Search Options

There are several settings that control searching. To manipulate these settings, click the "Search Options" button.

Search Settings

Search Options

The topmost spinner determines if the currently displayed items, or the entire outline will be searched.

The next spinner determines if outline titles, or outline titles and text will be searched.

The "Match Whole Words" checkbox determines if an entire word must be matched. The "Match Case" checkbox determines if alphabetic case is considered when searching.

The bottom spinner determines if at least one word or phrase, or all words and phrases must be found.