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How to Back Up an SQL Server 2005 Database Hosted on a Shared Server?
October 18, 2007

An increasing percentage of my website's content is stored in an SQL Server 2005 database. The server that hosts this database also hosts databases for many other organizations. I go through a somewhat elaborate procedure to backup my database. Basically I copy the database into a database on my local machine. Then I backup the local database.

Here are the steps I go through. If anyone knows of a more streamlined process, please let me know.

  1. Run SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Delete and re-create the local copy database.
  3. Right-click local copy database.
  4. Import data from remote database into local copy database. (Tasks / Import Data). Use SQL Native Client.
  5. Complete the wizard.
  6. Open remote database. Select Tasks / Generate Scripts. Generate scripts for everything. Save script.
  7. Run script in local copy database (File / Open script file, move to end of script, press F5, making sure that copy is the active database).
  8. Backup local copy database (Tasks / Back Up).
  9. Save script file.
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